Welcome to the website of the Yeung laboratory, an up and coming research group based at the University of Oxford. We study various aspects of materials, from the processes underlying their formation to their physical properties and applications, using state of the art experiments in our laboratory and national facilities.


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Our research covers a variety of aspects of materials, from how they form to their performance in real-world applications. We test model systems to develop a fundamental understanding of materials’ formation and structural behaviour, and try to design materials with new and improved functions for applications like batteries, superconductors and sensors. Read more…


d4a_2430-croppedDr Hamish Yeung holds a Glasstone Research Fellowship at the University of Oxford and a Junior Research Fellowship at the Queen’s College. We are in the early stages of growth – at the moment we have space for Part II students, visitors and summer projects. However, we’re hoping to take on PhD/DPhil students and postdoctoral researchers in the future, so please get in touch if you’re interested! Read more…